Follow these simple storage rules to keep beer fresh

It is very tempting to finish a six of beer as soon as you buy it. In fact, according to experts, that is what you should be doing. The longer you have it stored will tend to lose its aroma and flavor – in that order. This is especially true with craft beers with strong aromas, such as Indian pale ale.

But what can you do if you do not want to take them at that moment? You can easily go for stubby holders but if you don’t have that option right away then follow these rules to keep your beer fresh for months.

Natural Light is the Worst Enemy of Beer

The beer contains hops, a plant species that permeates delicious aromas and bitter touches. When ultraviolet rays make contact with beer, they interact with the acid compounds of hops, called humulones, to create a very unpleasant chemical reaction.

This produces a noxious chemical, similar to the liquid that skunks spray when they are scared. This produces a noxious chemical, similar to the liquid that skunks spray when they are scared. The more time they spend exposed to UV rays, the more it will start. Half an hour exposed to the sun’s rays is more than enough to damage your beer. But, even storing beer in a basement or cupboard, light that seeps through a nearby window can affect its flavor.

The best way to avoid this reaction is to buy canned beers, which are completely protected from light. But, if you want to buy it in the bottle, make sure the glass is dark. This will filter the UV rays and protect your beer better than with green glass bottles or, worse, transparent ones.

Temperature also Influences

The cooler you keep the beer, the longer it stays fresh. However, it can withstand slight changes in temperature. If you buy it cold and store it in your basement or if you cool some for a party and then warm it up, you will not ruin it.

The real problem is prolonged exposure to high temperatures. We are talking about leaving a carton of beer in your car, where the temperature can reach up to 38 degrees.

A single day in these conditions will affect your beer. However, it will not start as much as if you had left it exposed to sunlight. Only you will know cardboard.