Right way choose a ideal transport company

A transport company is a company that offers fleets transport or sells combined transport services. The different types of transport companies differ in size, structure, culture, ownership and management.

Are you looking for transport rates from shipping companies?

A shipping company is often a company that is run by a family and always carries the name of the founder.

Shipping companies of containers

A container shipping company is also called liner shipping or container ship operator. There are some differences between the terms, but all three mean a company that owns / controls ships carrying containers all over the world.

Cooperation between senders

A truck load board company that uses containers is extremely capital-intensive. A single modern container ship that transports 20,000 containers at a time costs billions. There must be at least twelve such vessels to offer weekly departures from the Far East to Northern Europe. That is why almost all shipping companies that use containers are part of one or more joint ventures where the costs are shared. In cooperation, 4 companies can each use 3 ships and transport 5,000 containers per week. This reduces their risk and increases their network.


Airlines initially carry passengers with their passenger aircraft. All aircraft flying long distances are designed with a lot of space to carry cargo under the passenger compartment. Most airlines play for freight companies themselves, where capacity is sold on the air transport market. Other companies sell the entire capacity to a third party, which then sells the capacity on the market.

Many of the largest societies in the world were founded by their respective governments in the early 1900s. This applies to virtually all large European countries.

Look for transport prices at courier companies

These airlines often use the term ‘flag carrier’ or ‘legacy carrier’ because they are in contrast to newer companies that were created for purely competitive reasons.

Courier companies usually take the responsibility for the entire transport from one transmitter to another. The large companies own and control huge networks of aircraft, trucks and distribution center. The smaller companies can do it with a lot less. Usually they have a department store where they can load and unload from their vehicles.

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